Saturday, March 24, 2012

VOTER-ID LAWS PROTECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE BALLOT BOX – Ken Blackwell – Kenneth A. Klukowski – 3/22/2012
In 2008, the Supreme Court held in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board that Indiana's voter-ID law is constitutional. The Court noted that the challengers could not produce a single voter disenfranchised by that law. Now thirty-two states have voter-ID laws to protect their electoral process.
Nonetheless, when southern states have passed these laws, Attorney General Eric Holder has invoked Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act to block these measures as having the effect of disparately impacting racial minorities. Mr. Holder has blocked laws in Texas and South Carolina, and litigation is now underway.
. . . while Mr. Holder is abusing Section 5 to block laws that do not go as far as Indiana's law upheld in Crawford, Mr. Obama's longtime political allies at the NAACP have gone to the United Nations Human Rights Council to protest voter-ID laws-a council comprised of the likes of Cuba, Russia, and China, with no jurisdiction over American elections. This thus becomes a dual-track approach to gin up a political issue to help Mr. Obama in his reelection efforts, invoking an outdated law and an international body whose members include notorious violators of voting rights.
. . . this fundamental right is also a citizen's duty. Part of that duty requires you to register, and to appear at a certain place on a certain day to vote. Complying with those requirements is doing your civic duty to ensure a free and fair election.
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