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Wisconsin Anti-Walker Protests were Fueled by National Orgs and Professional Protesters – Brett Healy – 3/23/2012

Recent testimony at a trial of 6 Madison, Wisconsin protesters who repeatedly battled with authorities during the course of 2011 and 2012, indicates that national organizations and professional protesters helped fuel the uprisings that Big Labor activists have been trying to pass off as spontaneous reactions from everyday citizens.

Four-minute Video of testimony during their March 13, 2012 for a jury trial
The following topics were mentioned: 
Veterans for Peace
Cross the line
Know their trade
Training sessions
Non violence
Multiple training
Non-violent resistance training
National organizations
ACLU fliers with rights
Hands on training
Going limp
Well versed in political discourse
Their training paid off
READER COMMENT: I also live in WI, and am a former teacher. I support Scott Walker. I admire your commitment to your civic duty, but let's not whitewash the issue. The recall effort has been funded in large part by national unions and labor groups.

As a parent, I was disgusted that teachers brought their students to the protests. As a teacher, I was appalled that some teachers recieved falsified medical documents from doctros in order to use sick days to protest. Not only does that cost the school district money it could be using to better education, it is unethical. Why would I want someone who thinks it is acceptable to lie and commit fraud teaching my child anything?

This recall only makes the people who supported Scott Walker in the first place realize that they were correct in their judgement.

Public employee unions are not in the same category as private sector unions. When the unions are paying millions of dollars to elect the people negotiating their contracts, corruption is inevitable.

READER COMMENT:  Because of the corrupt system where the unions paid to elect the people negotiating the contracts, reforming the collective bargaining system ws the only way to actually accomplish any changes.

The fact that the unions still exist means that they are not as threatened as the unions try to make it seem. The people in the private sector are hurting, and they are tired of paying such high property taxes so that the public sector employees can reap better benefits than the people who pay their salaries.
I am a former teacher and WI resident, btw.

READER COMMENT:  It was never about "destroying collective bargaining and unions."  It was about destroying their special privileges.  No union which has the voluntary support of those it purports to represent can be destroyed.  Those which rely upon government power are doomed to extinction.

BLOGGER COMMENT:  Would any of the protesters win an award for "Best (Professional) Amateur Protester for 2011?

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