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New Study Shows Effectiveness of Abstinence Education
Citizen Link – Karla Dial – 3/30/2012

A recently released study shows that when sexual-risk avoidance messages are reinforced in classrooms, teens will delay beginning sexual activity.

The study, conducted by Choosing the Best Journey, followed two groups of high school freshmen over the course of one academic year, during which one group received eight sexual-risk avoidance messages in the classroom. At the end of the year, those students proved to be 1.5 times more likely to delay sexual activity than their peers.

When the sexual-risk avoidance message was not repeated, the researchers found, its effects tended to be neutralized by all the other sexual messages teens are bombarded with by the media. – Rachel Turner – 3/30/2012

Research published this week revealed more evidence that a Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) abstinence program is effective in delaying sexual onset. Four major conclusions are drawn from the article, entitled, Impact of the Choosing the Best Program in Communities Committed to Abstinence Education.

1. Students in an SRA class were more likely to delay the onset of sexual activity from pre to posttest than their peers.

2. The findings of this study are more realistic and relevant than the Jemmott study on abstinence, as well as most “comprehensive” sex ed. research since the study occurred in schools.

3. The study was conducted with schools and communities that supported the SRA abstinence message for their students.

4. SRA messages must be reinforced throughout the teen years in order to sustain effect.

The setting is additionally important because the study stresses that the program was implemented in the schools that desired this type of education. This confirms that there is significant community buy in across the country for SRA programs.

Valerie Huber, Executive Director of NAEA, commented: “This new study adds to 22 other peer reviewed studies showing SRA education has a positive impact on student sexual behavior.

STUDY:  Impact of the Choosing the Best Program in Communities Committed to Abstinence Education
13-page PDF

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