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Reaping the rewards of a “progressive” America
GOP USA – Frank Salvato – 3/30/2012

Sixth Paragraph of this web article discusses a very important topic--college 'eduation.'

Take a walk on any college campus and the cultural decay envelops you at almost every step. As Progressives blanket every square inch of every campus in an effort to register as many college students to vote as they can, militantly Progressive professors, protected with tenure status, spew hatred of the Founders and Framers while juxtaposing the “benefits” of Socialism and Socialist Democracy against the “evils of Capitalism” to terminally half-hungover students in Ché Guevara t-shirts. I say terminally half hungover because in an age when an alarming number of college graduates need to be completely re-trained for the workplace – and in an age when those entering college need remedial classes just to feign that they graduated with any subject knowledge at all from high school – late-night orgasmic debauchery is the social norm.
1.     Have you checked out the school’s budget?  If they are building new buildings, where is the money coming from?  If the tuition is really high, have you checked out the retirement packages of the tenured professors and their age of retirement?  Remember, the tuition paid by the student pays the retirement of the professor.
2.     Have you checked out your school or your child’s chosen school according to the following?
3.     What’s the graduation rate of the school?  More important, what’s the hiring rate of graduates?  Are graduates finding good jobs, or not-so-good jobs that have nothing to do with their college major?
4.     Do many college graduates have to return to live at home with Mom and Dad, still covered by their parents’ insurance policy?

As the article continues, read about occupants of the White House and their quotes regarding the U. S. Constitution.  Be sad, very sad.

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