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Harry Reid:  I don't know if my relationship with Media Matters violates its tax-exempt status
Daily Caller  -- Michelle Fields -- 3/8/2012
In an exclusive interview at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told The Daily Caller that he doesn’t know if his plan to promote Media Matters for America‘s new book violates the legal requirements of its 501(c)(3) non-profit status.
When TheDC asked Reid whether he will be helping Media Matters’ David Brock promote the book, “The Fox Effect,” he said he would assist Brock “any way I can. … I have the greatest respect for [him], and his co-author [Ari Rabin-Havt] worked for me for many years.” (RELATED: More stories in the investigative ‘Inside Media Matters’ series
WHITE HOUSE ATTACK DOG TARGETS LIMBAUGH SPONSORSNorthwoods Patriots - Standing up for Faith, Family, Country -
IBD -- Editorial -- 3/9/2012
Censorship: The pressure on Rush Limbaugh's advertisers is from a group that meets regularly with the White House and runs an Obama Super-PAC funded by unions.
The group Media Matters acts like a lobbyist but is not registered as one. It operates in the shadows, outside congressional oversight and unaccountable to voters.
This makes its collusion with the White House in the heat of a presidential race a serious matter worthy of investigation.

Media Matters keeps a death watch on its website. It lists those Limbaugh advertisers who have canceled, then identifies sponsors still airing ads — making it clear to Occupy Wall Street and Acorn thugs which business they still need to threaten.
In fact, Media Matters coordinates with the White House. According to the Daily Caller, the group is in "regular contact" with Obama aides, including top political adviser Valerie Jarrett. Media Matters founder David Brock has met with her and top communications advisers inside the White House.

Backed by major Obama donors, Brock plans to spend a reported $20 million this year to sway news coverage in Obama's favor
Read the entire link -- Major Donor -- AFSCME -- Grooming of the president
Washington Times -- Kerry Picket -- 3/8/2012
he coordinated attacks to pressure advertisers (and now radio stations) to drop Rush Limbaugh is something everyone should be concerned about, as it is no coincidence that the Georgetown University Law Center student Sandra Fluke, the 30 year old woman at the center of the storm (background here),told viewers of ABC’s “The View” to go to the Media Matters website “for examples of commentators who attacked her.”

How convenient. This is the same Media Matters that drew up a plan, known as Project 2012, a document that outlines the organization's long term strategy to politically combat conservative messaging in the media. This is also the same Media Matters, whose president, David Brock, met with former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn on a regular basis. Finally, this is the same Sandra Fluke who received a sympathetic phone call from the White House after Mr. Limbaugh made critical but offensive remarks on the radio about Fluke.
Media Matters Project 2012 document discuss how the organization reaches out to their allies within the liberal/progressive movement and mobilizes them to become part of their "advertiser pressure campaigns" that target conservative media commentators.
In the following two sections, the MMFA pushes the idea of conducting micro-campaigns against "Fox News' advertisers, personalities, and hold demonstrations at network sponsored events to reduce its revenue and perceived popular support as well as create a conundrum for shareholders investing in this controversial business enterprise."
Their section on COLLABORATION list about 15 other liberal organizations they contact to mobilize to direct  action at advertisers of conservatives
Just because there is a first amendment does not mean the liberals over at Media Matters want everyone to have that freedom.
MMFA is exploring legal avenues that can bring about bad publicity for an MMFA opponent through the judicial investigative process alone. "Remember campaigns often employ such tactics with little likelihood of success simply for the larger media picture it generates against an opponent," it says in the litigation section.
MMFA is well aware that companies, networks, and radio stations could dismiss customer complaints about a commentator, for example, as coordinated liberal attacks that do not represent the consumers who watch and or listen to the programming that MMFA is targeting. MMFA admits that "advertisers will begin to recognize strategy and discount its impact."
READER COMMENT: This is yet more proof that the Left, if born in the USA, are traitors to the nation. The hold the country, the Constitution, the values and its people in contempt. Instead, they have sworn allegiance to that evil ideology of Statism, which is why the quote the likes of Marx, wear images of Che, adore Castro and grovel at the feet of every despot with a reddish tinge.
This being the case, they are hypocrites when they caterwaul about 'Free Speech.' They use Free Speech to mount the most hateful campaigns of personal destruction, to weaken and corrupt the culture, and use lies to destroy livelihoods of those who stand in their way.
This Media Matters expose is just the most recent in a series of exposes of coordinated Lie campaigns by the Left. Global Warning was the means the Left intended to use to seize unprecedented control over people's lives and vast sums of money, which they would then funnel back into perfecting their control apparatus.
And they were close to getting it too.
Does anyone remember Journo-List?
The Left LIES.  It's what it does.
Don't you believe them when they preach Free Speech and Tolerance.
It's code words to hide the fact that they want to be the ONLY ones to have free speech and that YOU must tolerate their intolerance, not the other way around.

Godfather Politics – Gary DeMar – 4/19/2012

“Media Matters for America (MMA) believes that news reporting and analysis by the American media, with its eye on profit margin and preservation of the status quo, has become biased,” read the group’s application, obtained by The Daily Caller, “It is common for news and commentary by the press to present viewpoints that tend to overly promote corporate interests, the rights of the wealthy, and a conservative, Christian-influenced ideology.”

Does any of this sound eerily familiar? This was the same tactic used by the Nazis against Jews. “The Nazi regime employed propaganda to impress upon German civilians and soldiers that the Jews were . . . dangerous enemies of the German Reich.” Jews were political scapegoats, a religious race to blame for Germany’s troubles. Media Matters and other liberal groups are following a similar methodology. Unless Christians can be shut up, we will never have any social progress.

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