Monday, March 19, 2012


Judicial Watch – Tom Fitton

Consider this from The Washington Post:
The Obama administration on Monday blocked a new law in Texas that requires voters to show a photo ID, drawing fierce criticism from Republicans who say the move was aimed at boosting President Obama’s reelection prospects.
The Justice Department said that the law disproportionately harms Hispanic voters.

The action follows a similar move in late December to block a voter ID law in South Carolina that federal officials said adversely affects black voters.

American citizens need identification to purchase an adult beverage, drive a car and pick up certain over-the-counter medicines. But the Department of Justice (DOJ), which currently is a bastion of left-wing radicalism, argues that requiring an ID to make sure a person is eligible to vote is somehow discriminatory.

the DOJ is working hand-in-hand with scandal-ridden Project Vote to use Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act to register as many welfare recipients as possible to vote in the upcoming election. (Because these government-dependent individuals typically vote for big government Democrats, some have called this Obama’s “Food Stamp Army.”)

At the same time, the Obama DOJ refuses to enforce an important counterpart to Section 7 of the NVRA – Section 8, which requires that state election officials keep voter rolls clean so that dead people, convicted felons and other ineligible individuals don’t have a chance to vote.

In addition to abusing the National Voter Registration Act, the Obama administration continues to bankroll ACORN and its offshoots with American tax dollars in defiance of a federal funding ban so the “community organizations” can continue their corrupt work and enact “stealth amnesty” policies that allow greater numbers of illegal aliens to vote for Obama and other liberal candidates in 2012.

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