Monday, March 26, 2012


National Right to Life – Margaret Somerville – 3/24/2012

one of the most pernicious myths propagated in relation to abortion — one that we can see in the nurse’s reassurance to Anna that in two weeks she will have forgotten about all of this — is that abortion will restore the woman to a situation as if the pregnancy never occurred. That is impossible, as many women like Anna come to realize too late.

Anna speaks about her consent in this way, “In that time of my pregnancy I had a lot of nausea and was on a real hormonal roller coaster! The difference between my decision process in my ‘normal’ state and that ‘state’ are two worlds. I think that when a woman is pregnant, from my experience, she is much more vulnerable, and thus can be ‘pushed around’ more easily. This should be taken into account when a clinic is looking to have consent from a pregnant woman.”

As this case shows, abortion is not the simple quick-fix solution to an unplanned pregnancy that it’s often presented as being. It’s a life-affecting decision in more ways than one. Anna’s comment on reading this article, which I publish with her permission, was, “Thank you for this. I hope (the loss of) a life and my own suffering will help others.”

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