Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Senate, Assembly Approve MPS Measure
JSOnline -- Jason Stein and Erin Richards -- 3/14/2012

Friday, leaders of the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, MPS and the Milwaukee School Board sent an unusual joint letter to state lawmakers, asking for a new window of time to consider negotiating changes to the teachers' contract to save the district money.

But while MTEA is asking for the bill, their fellow unions are trying to block it. Those unions are active in the effort to recall Walker this summer.

“Democrats and their allies continue to put politics before schoolchildren and before jobs. The latest letter from public sector union bosses shows clearly that Democrats and their allies put their politics before everything else, even their own members’ jobs.

The letter clearly shows how they will put politics before people. Unfortunately, Democrats and their allies are more interested in putting their political interests before saving teachers’ jobs, saving school districts money, protecting taxpayers, and promoting private sector investment and job growth."

The legislation was sought because the City of Milwaukee needs an extra $10 million contribution from MPS to the city's pension plan because of a downturn in the stock market. The union and the district didn't negotiate any changes to the contract during a period that was open for unions and municipal employees to do so between November and February, so now they're asking for another 30 days to do that.

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