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Tax avenger takes message to small-town WI
Wisconsin Reporter – Ryan Ekvall – 8/21/2013

Please read the entire article because we’re obviously not getting what we’re paying for.

John Granchay, a government retiree and former school board member, confronted Tobin, saying he worked hard for his pension.

EXCUSE ME: John Granchay, a WRS retiree, confronts Tobin on his inflated pension estimates

“I’m still working,” Tobin answered. “I’m going to have to work until I drop to pay your pensions.”

“What did you do for a living that you earned your pension?” Granchay asked.

“I don’t have a pension,” Tobin said. “Don’t you get it? People in the private sector don’t have pensions anymore.”

One state employee brought Tobin’s Shawano-riverfront house property tax records to the meeting to expose what he called the tax-fighter’s “true” motive, an ax-to-grind with the city.

“Our property taxes here went up from $4,000 to $6,700 in one year. The schools went crazy with tax increases.”

Tobin organizes strikes and demonstrations, distributes fliers opposing all referendums to increase property taxes. He takes on politicians and government employees – whom he calls “bloodsuckers” and “special interests,” respectively.

“They don’t like it when we release the salaries. They don’t want folks to know who’s getting the stolen money,” Tobin said. “They expect us to keep working and working and paying and not complaining. They were upset (Monday) night – ‘Oh, you’re complaining, you’re so negative.’ Well, of course I am. (They’re) robbing us blind.”

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