Wednesday, August 21, 2013


New Website tracks Girl Scouts' ties to Planned Parenthood, Abortion
LifeNews - Steven Ertelt - 8/21/2013

“Parents have a right to know where their money goes and what messages the Girl Scouts are sending to, and on behalf of, their daughters,” she says.
Pam Fichter, president of Missouri Right to Life, which recently released their own policy statement of concern about the Girl Scouts, welcomes this new resource.
“We have found that providing specific, documented examples of the numerous pro-life concerns about the Girl Scouts to be an effective means to inform our local community. highlights current and verifiable pro-life concerns that apply directly to families and communities across the country,” she told LifeNews. provides a valuable tool for parents, clergy, and pro-lifers by meticulously documenting how local councils specifically connect girl members throughout the United States to concerning activities, resources, funding, and affiliations.

My Girl Scout Council

My Girls Scout Council


A latecomer to the "Girl Scout concerns" scene, has one simple goal:  to provide documentation of Girl Scout concerns that directly impact those seeking information.  Each statement uses Girl Scout documents to connect every member and council to the national (GSUSA) and international (WAGGGS) scouting organizations, and provides recent examples of why this is problematic for many pro-lifers.  The format of these statements demonstrates the interconnectedness of these concerns at every level of Girl Scouting, and gathers a comprehensive overview of this information into one document that can be easily shared. 

For an excellent overview of pro-life concerns regarding the Girl Scout organization, please see Missouri Right to Life's groundbreaking 2013 Policy Statement on the Girl Scouts USA. provides further examples and documentation relating to the local, national and international levels of the organization. 

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