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Governments pay welfare to dead people
Watchdog – Dustin Hurst – 8/1/2013

The federal government thinks it’s paying dead farmers, but can’t really say how many corpses might be receiving cash due to the agency’s sloppy record keeping.

Tad DeHaven, a policy analyst with the Cato Institute:  “This is what happens when you have a massive government cutting millions of checks to people each month,” DeHaven said, decrying America’s ever-growing welfare state.

To fix the problem, governments could spend more money on verifying payments, DeHaven said, or could go the fiscally sane route and cut welfare programs like crop subsidies.  “Waste and abuse go with government programs like fries and a Coke go with a burger,” DeHaven said.

More examples of governments handing out taxpayer cash to the dead.

Bay State bodies
Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump showed her state paid out welfare benefits to residents from six to 27 months after they’d kicked the bucket, $2.3 million in improper payments to the deceased; family members of the deceased stepped up to use the benefits.

Stimulate this, Social Security

While bookkeeping errors are blamed for much of this, as DeHaven notes, these programs are ripe for abuse.

Nearly 50 years of improper payments

Texas-sized abuse
An audit of the state’s welfare program reported 4,096 recipients were dead, using a deceased person’s Social Security number, receiving duplicate benefits in Texas, double-dipping by simultaneously receiving food stamps from Texas and another state or previously disqualified from the program.

History repeats itself, even when bureaucrats promise it won’t

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