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John Lewis Cook – The new Golden Boys in the Military

Commentary by Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook, USA (ret.)

There is nothing normal about these circumstances we are facing today with this administration.    It’s as if Obama has repealed the requirement for any supporting documentation, on any issue.   In short, if the administration says it, it has to be true.   If the administration decides to make gays in the military the new Golden Boys, then they become Golden Boys.    Period.
The dirty little secret is this.   During 2012, the first full year where gays could serve openly in the military, there were 26,000 sexual assaults across all services.   Of these 26,000, 14,000 were male-on-male assaults.   Yes, you read that correctly.   More men in the military were sexually assaulted than women in 2012.  

So who is committing the majority of sexual assaults in the military?   Well, it’s the new hero who “is making our country safer,” according to Ms. Jarrett, the homosexual serving openly.   It’s the same homosexual soldier that Chuck Hagel is “so proud of.”   In fact, Hagel is “proud of everything the homosexuals and lesbians are doing.”  

Well, do you think he’s proud of this report that was reluctantly released last month that blamed the “homosexual community” for most sexual assaults in 2012?   And why was there a 35% increase in sexual assaults from 2011 to 2012, most involving male-on-male assault?   Could it be that throughout all of 2012, gays were serving openly and apparently taking full advantage of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, came out of the closet in droves, determined to celebrate their liberation with anyone they encountered, regardless of consent?

For anyone who still has doubts about this, then I advise them to read the “ANNUAL REPORT ON SEXUAL ASSAULT IN THE MILITARY,” MAY 2013.   So, what is being done about this epidemic of male rape in the military?   Precious little because if it is forced into the bright light of day, it is an admission that the great gay experiment was a total failure.

About the Author

Lieutenant Colonel John Lewis Cook, United States Army (Retired), “served as the Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Interior in Kabul, Afghanistan, with responsibility for developing the force structure for the entire Afghan National Police.   As of 2012, this force totals 157,000.   From March 2008 until August 2012, his access and intimate associations with all levels of the Afghan government and coalition forces have provided him with an unprecedented insight into the policies which will determine the outcome of the war.   It is this insight, coupled with his contacts and associations throughout Afghanistan that form the basis of Afghanistan:   The Perfect Failure."

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