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Tea party groups protest Common Core standards outside governors meeting
JS Online – Patrick Simonaitis – 8/2/2013

Members of two tea party groups formed a small protest outside of the National Governors Association summer meeting Friday, gathering across the street from the Wisconsin Center while the nation’s governors were convened inside.

Seven or so individuals, some of whom were wearing red shirts that read “Stop Common Core” and holding signs, denounced the standards that are being implemented in schools across the state.

“I call on Governor Scott Walker and the nation’s governors to rescind their participation and support of the Common Core,” said Ed Perkins, the leader of the Fox Valley Initiative, a conservative group which advocates for limited government.

The gathering was organized by Ken Van Doren, the education director of the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty, a local branch of the national tea party group Campaign for Liberty.

Van Doren outlined the reasons the group opposes the Common Core standards, which have been seeing similar conservative backlash from groups across the nation. The group sent a letter of opposition to the Common Core to the governors of all 50 states Friday morning, including Walker.

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