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America’s New Truth – Real Scandals – Phony President
Patriot Update – Susan Horton – 8/11/2013

Under Obama care: Age 25 Males   Source: David Kessler Wall St. Journal
  • living in San Francisco will pay 62% more /month
  • Ohio will pay 88% more /month
  • Missouri will pay 89% more / month
  • Indiana will pay 91% more /month
  • Nevada will pay 101% more /month
  • Obama’s Campaign promise was Health Care costs will go down $2500/yr. for family of 4
Three weeks ago they didn’t have the technology to verify income so at the same time Obama delayed the Employer Mandate he decided to NOT enforce the income eligibility requirement. He basically invited fraud and liar loans. You say you qualify for a subsidy so we are not going to check your income.     

Their strategy is not complicated. A reasonable prediction is that if a significant amount of people start receiving subsidies, they won’t stop but will fight harder to keep them. In modern times no major entitlement that has been implemented has EVER been unwound. There’s no action greater to encourage economic growth through jobs in America than the repeal and reversal of all or parts of this law that’s destroying our Country. It’s the working class that suffers the most.

In 52 days the continuing resolution which funds our Govt. will expire. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) has a bipartisan participation plan to pass the resolution that funds the “entire Federal Govt.”, every aspect of it, except any funding of Obama care. ”It should explicitly prohibit any funding, not even one penny of support under no circumstances”. Of course Harry Reid, Senate Speaker, and the Media, will impugn the Republicans saying they are shutting down the Govt., which will be untrue and outrageous. Mr. Cruz says he can turn their words right back on them.

“Should Pres. Obama shut down the Federal Govt. in order “to force” Obama care on individual families even though giant Corporations are getting waivers?” The Power is in the Purse and the House has the purse.  He continues to say, “It won’t be easy but if Republicans would actually stand up and fight explaining the truth against Reid’s argument, we can win this or at the very least defund parts, the most destructive ones, and/or delay the implementation”.

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