Saturday, August 24, 2013


National Education Association:  Just say No to common Core tests
Education Reporter

The NEA struggles to remain solidly aligned with the Democratic Party although the union opposes most of Pres. Obama’s education policies. At the 2013 National Education Association convention in Atlanta, union leadership both promoted Common Core standards and fought against them.

The union seems afraid to directly rebuke President Obama and his policies. Delegates introduced — but failed to pass — two measures that condemned Obama’s education policies outright and were critical of Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; both measures called on Obama to fire Duncan.

The NEA passed several “New Business Items” designed to protect teachers from Common Core. Some observers ask: WHAT ABOUT THE STUDENTS? What about the future of public education? Although the NEA could be a force against Common Core and the federal takeover of American education, the union seems too aligned with the Democratic political machine to do more than squeak about testing that could negatively impact their own job security and paychecks.

The NEA union wants American students to adapt to Common Core standards and tests but they would prefer that Common Core doesn’t affect teachers.

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