Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The consequences of remaining silent about evil in society
Freedom Outpost – John Risselada – 8/21/2013

Yesterday in Oklahoma, where this author currently resides, a man was gunned down by three assailants whose only reason for committing such an atrocity was because they were bored and thought killing a man would be fun. This story was being reported on all local media outlets, and because it was in a rural part of the state it was just assumed that the three teenagers were white kids. Honestly, no one even cares about the race of these kids. It was just a cold and heartless act driven by the fact that society had failed to instill the value of human life in them.

These kids are just as much victims as the man they killed; victims of a race baiting machine that places no value on human life but rather hustles race issues for money while teaching it is okay to hate a certain kind of person, to blame a certain kind of person for all of your problems. That’s right, these kids were black, and they murdered a white man because they thought it would be fun. It’s the perfect escalation to nearly two years of increasing black on white mob violence in a world where the very education system teaches them to hate “whitey” through white privilege education. If they feel no remorse now, they will, because someday, while they spend the rest of their life in prison they will have to face themselves and they will have to face God.

This is how those who hide behind the curtain of so called “civil rights” issues, trying to prove the racism of a white man at every possible opportunity have failed these young kids. They have failed to teach them the truth, not only about the entirety of their ancestor’s struggles but the truth about life, responsibility, commitment and value for another human being. I am talking about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and any other race hustler that has ever justified or failed to speak out against black people committing violence against whites because 200 years ago some white people had slaves. These people, along with the education system have convinced generations of young black people that they are oppressed victims. They have created a world that allows them to “not try” instead of encouraging them to try. This is the real racial discrimination they face.

The only people holding young black men back are the ones who have power to gain by having a dependent population who is angry, desperate and willing to lash out against their so called “oppressors.”

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