Saturday, August 3, 2013


North Dakota 20-week abortion ban takes effect, not challenged in court
LifeNews – Dave Andrusko – 8/2/2013

a key pro-life initiative—the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act—is now officially the law of North Dakota. Signed by Governor Jack Dalrymple on April 16, it was to take effect today. It did, because it went unchallenged by the usual suspects such as the Center for Reproductive Rights.

North Dakota joins Nebraska, Kansas, Idaho, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas in enacting laws that say that babies cannot be aborted from the point that compelling medical evidence demonstrates the child can feel pain—20 weeks.

New information paved the way for legislation to protect these unborn children from the horrific pain inflicted during an abortion.

Balch recently told ABC News that she sensed a deep reluctance on the part of abortion advocates to challenge “pain capable” laws in federal courts, a precursor to a potential hearing at the Supreme Court.

“I’ve been in this movement for over 40 years and it used to be the norm that whenever a state passed a piece of legislation, our opponents would run immediately and get an injunction,” Balch said. “The pain capable laws are the exception.”

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