Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Major health insurance companies bail on Obamacare state exchanges
Freedom Outpost – Suzanne Hamner – 8/9/2013

As more information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, is exposed, Americans around the country are waking up to the fact that this piece of legislation is anything but affordable. Participating health insurance companies have also discovered that limitations some state governments place on rates would not allow companies to make money. reported “major health insurance companies – Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana – have decided not to participate in various states in the Obamacare health-insurance exchanges that will be the only place Americans will be able to buy a health insurance plan, using the federal subsidies that the Obamacare law authorizes.”

United Health Group, the largest insurer in the United States, has also decided to pass on participation in the California exchange. Anthem Blue Cross withdrew its bid to participate in California’s Obamacare exchange market.

. . . individuals in California entirely leaving 50,000 existing individual policyholders searching for new coverage in January.

As soon as it was discovered, Washington would have to abide by this abominable healthcare law, Washington opted itself out after many threatened to leave their post. The ruling “elite” have, once again, stuck it to the average American while they enjoy their tax payer subsidized “golden” fleece health care. 

The message is becoming loud and clear to the American public: “We, the government, have ordained that we are in control and you, the people, will follow the law while we decide which ones we will follow while you continue to pay more and more to us to manage you.”

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